Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

People give the human mind a lot of credit for everything that we have around us. And it does deserve a lot of credit for all the technological innovations around us, for enabling us to live better than our ancestors had. For establishing systems to keep us alive and thriving.

But this sort of life on Earth, civilization and society, would not be possible without another important part of humanity: the human heart. Aside from its practical use of keeping us alive, the heart grants us all of our subconscious capabilities and feelings, figuratively speaking of course.

The love of a parent to child enables a child to grow up and do great things. Trust in others has allowed collaborative efforts to accomplish what one person could not. Instinct, in the absence of other evolutionary characteristics, has kept us safe and away from danger.

Deep down, our heart holds all that drives us, fuels our inner fire. In our life journey, our heart is a reflection of who we are, who we’ve been, and who we will be. It is not reasonable, and one’s heart can change as quick as the winds. A furious bonfire of a heart, granting success to the one who has it, could be snuffed out in an instant and leave its owner cold and lost.

When we once again become attuned to our basic nature, our feelings, we can use them to propel and promote our efforts. We will channel the energy from our heart into a viable force for change. The heart gives us energy and purpose, our mind gives us a direction and means.

This article was inspired by this essay.

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