Photo by Matt Hoffman on Unsplash

Oblique rain falling gracefully towards the ground,

Silver clouds obscure the afternoon Sun.

A steady wind blows past.

But there is no coldness,

Never any when she’s beside me.

Sitting on a bench, under the eaves,

Hearing the drops of crystal water splash,

Holding each other, there is no greater happiness.

Feeling the other’s warmth, she turns.

A bright smile, a gentle gaze to melt the heart.

Brushing wet hair from her face,

Embracing her tightly,

Love swirls within.

Looking into her soft, brown eyes,

Getting lost in the beautiful sight.

Running her hand through my hair,

My heart begins to flutter.

Holding her hand, there’s trust,

Resting her head on my shoulder,

There is contentment here.

Seeing ephemeral life past.

A gorgeous sight,

Not a dream but a reality.

Sweetest moments are with her,

No one around, just us.

Here, we forget our debts to the world,

Letting go, living now, serenity.

There is peace at last.

Rain ceases, Sun returns,

Lighting up her heavenly face.

She sighs, a questioning look.

Almost time to go, but we stay awhile,

In the comfort of each other.

Nothing will split us apart,

No distance, no time will ever separate us.

ENTJ poet/philosopher, political/military strategist. Student of the classics. Catholic religion, Daoist philosophy.